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In this video, we're going to take a look at tags and how they also can be used to organise your 
content. It's easy to get confused about the difference between categories and tags and, honestly to 
a certain extent, you can use them however you want. In this video, we're going to take a look at 
how I recommend you use them.
We're looking at a post here for a classic rock concert in the park. This Tuesday we'll be 
showcasing some of the greatest bands of the 60s and 70s be there or be square. You'll note that, in 
categories, it's under events and music but here we have a box for tags and we can separate tags 
with commas and simply type them in. Tags are things that you might want somebody to find when 
they're searching but aren't necessarily found anywhere in your title or text. So this post is about 
classic rock bands so we might put in Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, add, and it adds them like this. If 
you made a mistake you can simply click the X and get rid of it. But I really want that in there so 
we add.
Now you'll note right here below it's choose from the most used tags. That doesn't actually work 
right now because we don't have any categories. Do the same thing under categories. You can see the 
most-used. Let's put the Beatles in here as well. You'll note there's no construct such as parent 
and child with tags, they're just there.
Now if we click update and go look at the front of the site, you'll see that it did not put the tags 
here. We click on it, you can see them, right on the post, and then you can even click on a tag and 
see all the posts that are in that tag. The URL is "/tag/led-zepplin". Now you may not ever end up 
with another post with a tag of Led Zeppelin. This one might be all by itself. However, if somebody 
comes searching and put in Led Zeppelin, now you may not ever have another post the tag of Led 
Zeppelin but this one is here and Google will find it and if somebody does a Google search for word 
Ville Led Zeppelin they will find this page because you tagged it even though the words Led Zeppelin 
are not in this post at all.
Over on the left, in the admin area, is the tags link and this works very much like the categories 
page. There's a bulk actions option. It's only choice is to delete so you could delete a number of 
tags that you aren't really using anymore. Over on the right, there's a count that shows you how 
many posts are at each one and you can click to see posts only in that tag. You can add new ones 
here very quickly just like you could with categories but, on this page, we're not looking at a 
single post about classic rock so in here you could add all sorts of tags. There, now we have one 
about a playground.
Let's go to all posts and go to a new construction project. If we come down to tags, you'll see we 
don't have any options. We could choose from most common and it's not there, however, if we type 
"pl" it searches ahead for us and shows us tags that already exist so we can simply click Add and 
now if I update this post has the playground tag.
We'll go out to the front of the site, click on construction and there is our playground tag.

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