• How do I change the Name Server Records to point to JoomlaWired?
  • How do I change the Name Server Records to point to JoomlaWired?

If you have purchased a domain through another provider you will need to change the primary and secondary nameserver records to point to Joomla Wired.

Step 1.

Access you domain's control panel or alternatively contact your previous provider and request for your Name Server records to be updated to:


This allows our servers to control essential settings which in turn allows your customers to view your website and contact you via email.

Step 2.

If your JoomlaWired account currently has a temporary domain name or you would like to make your newly transferred domain the primary domain for your account you can do this through your account manage console by logging on here.

Step 3.

Once logged in, select your account from the list of available accounts to enter the account management console.

Step 4.

Navigate to the Account Actions section and select Change domain.

Step 5.

On the next screen select your domain from the Existing Domain list or type your domain name into the search bar to complete the change.

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