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Technical Requirements

Linux Operating System

Primarily developed for Joomla and Wordpress, Linux features several advantages over rival operating systems. It’s easier to remotely administer, it requires less power to attain the same performance levels, and it offers cheaper hosting costs.

PHP 7+ and MySQL 5.5+

We're always mindful of security. That's why we run our services with the latest stable versions of PHP7+ & MySQL 55+.

suPHP and File Permissions

suPHP executes PHP scripts with the permission of their owners. It manages file permissions by making your directories secure with 0755 and 0644 permissions for all regular files.

Fast CGI

We operate FastCGI, a high-performing binary protocol with the benefits of secure PHP (suPHP), designed to allow a server to simultaneously handle more web page requests.

URL Mod Rewrite

The mod_rewrite executes URL manipulations, such as redirecting moved URLs, creating search engine friendly URLs, and avoiding duplicate content. It can also facilitate higher PageRank and search engine rankings.

IonCube Decoder

Like many commercial Joomla and Wordpress developers, we utilise the IonCube PHP Encoder to protect the integrity of our customers PHP4 and PHP5 work.

GUN Aspell

Many Joomla extensions rely on this industry-leading Open Source spellchecker, including the acclaimed Ark Editor & JCE.

Hosting made for Joomla!™ & WordPress

Our hosting solutions are tailormade for optimal security and performance. Our mirrored servers provide our business users with a unique fail-safe system to ensure your website remains online.

The power you need, where you need it!

Run with SSD Hard Drives, our high-end servers have been optimised with the latest Intel architecture to assure the fastest short-term memory.

100x more throughput and 10x better response time

Our Solid State Drives (SSDs) use microchips to store persistent data, which makes them strikingly faster and more efficient than traditional hard drives with spinning discs and movable read/write heads.

Free SSL Certificates

A Secure Sockets Layer or SSL will encrypt all transmitted data between your computer and our servers, safeguarding sensitive information like your credit/debit card numbers, usernames, and passwords. JoomlaWired will give you a domain verified SSL for free. Yes, FREE!